Mid Century Townhouses

Mid Century Townhouses

Two new townhouses

These two high value townhouses in Orakei, designed by Megan Edwards Architects, are a testament to the skills of the Shore Build team.

There is an art to making simple forms look seamless once constructed. Sarked ceilings run through from the interior to the exterior. TG & V walls meeting, plywood, plasterboard and tiled surfaces. The exterior had varying cladding types and many different types of structural elements meeting to form the building envelop.

We constructed these through the Covid 19 pandemic. On top of a complex build, we also experienced material and subcontractor delays whilst managing the varying Covid 19 protocols. It was a challenge but one we were up to and the results speak for themselves.

(See a picture of the original house before demolition works at the end of the slide show.)


Orakei, Auckland




Megan Edwards Architects


2022, New Homes, Orakei