High End Home Renovation

High End Home Renovation

This home was renovated in 1999 by the current owner to a high standard at the time

Unfortunately the builder did not detail some significant aspects of the construction correctly resulting in major leaks. As a result of this, the client took the opportunity to make improvements to the property a second time as part of the leaky building remedial works.

The scope of works involved a new bedroom and bathroom extension, new kitchen, a redesign of all decks, new entry loggia, extensive pool and landscape renovation as well as fixing all the structural defects caused by the faulty roof and cladding systems.

Even though the owner has spent considerable money on this property, the fact that he has owned it for several years means that capital growth has offset the cost of the remedial work making this type of renovation viable for the client.


“Dear Ash, I am writing to thank you for your construction work at my St Heliers house last year.

During the job, you and your team had provided the professional advises and an excellent communication. The quality of work your team did for my house was outstanding and in very high standard.

Your company was responsible for repairing the leaking places and completing substantial renovation work at my house which will have lasting value. My family and me have felt satisfaction at having you and your team to do these project for us.

I can therefore recommend you and your company without any doubt.”


East Auckland




George Hilgeholt, AWE 2010 Ltd


2009, St Heliers