Cheltenham Masterpiece

Cheltenham Masterpiece

This was a building I had often walked by and admired and wished I had the opportunity to build it

Originally designed by Jeremy Salmond of Salmond Reed Architects, we were called by them and asked if we would be interested in taking on the restoration of this building.

Even though it was only around 15 years old, due to the complex design and the fact that the previous builder didn’t engage Salmond Reed Architects for the contract management and supervision of the original construction, the building ended up with some significant issues.

This was without doubt one of the most complex residential builds we have taken on to date with multiple cladding types and junctions. It took the collective experience of Shore Build and Salmond Reed Architects to ensure this building not only looked good but the structure itself was sound and watertight. We didn’t get to build it the first time but we definitely left it much better than we found it. I can now walk by and say “We built that”.

Thanks to Rosalie Stanley of Salmond Reed Architects for including us in this project. This is another example of why building with a great team is important. Having an owner, builder and architect as a team gives the best scenario for a successful project.


North Shore, Auckland




Salmond Reed Architects


2016, Devonport